Sunday, June 22, 2008

Ramblings - Work

God is at work, and changing lives here in Alajuelita. He's not just busy meeting the spiritual and emotional needs; but He is also meeting the physical needs as well. It's been amazing to watch Him work though the missions teams over the past month. I want to share a few ways that He's been meeting the physical need through 6:8 Ministries over the past month.

His name is Wyner, he is in his late twenties, he has steady work, but only makes enough to pay for food and clothing. He has a wife and two small children. What he didn't have is a home. His family was living in a small room off the back of his mother's house. They all slept on the floor together, because there wasn't enough room for beds. However, that all changed when God sent a mission team to build him a home a few weeks ago.

His name is Walter, and he is the director of the largest elementary school in Alajuelita. He is responsible for 1,800 students. The school had projects to be done, but no money to do them. However, that changed when God sent a mission team to build a dining area, and a concrete slab that will be used as a playground.

His name is Boris, he is sixteen, and he makes excellent grades in high school. He is very smart and speaks English well. He has a lot going for him, except that he's never had his own bedroom. He has been sleeping in the same bed as the rest of his family. However, that all changed when God sent a mission team to build him a small bedroom a couple weeks ago.

His name is Raphael, he is ninety years old, and he is dying of cancer. He spends his days lying in bed, in horrible pain, praying that it doesn't rain. Why? Because his roof leaks and the rain water pours directly into his bed. However, that all changed when God sent a mission team to repair his roof last week.

His name is Jesus, He died a horrible death at thirty-three years of age, but is alive and working though His people today. He is the reason that we can love others as ourselves. He is the only reason we can have hope and peace during times of despair; and He is the only one who gets the glory for what is happening in and through His ministry here. I'm overwhelmed by God's goodness and provision. I'm humbled that He has allowed me to be part of what He's doing here in Costa Rica. I'm also amazed how He works all things together for good.
Finally, I'm incredibly thankful for each of you. I recognize that we could not be here without all of your prayers and support.
Amazed by Him,