Friday, August 22, 2008

Greater Things

The theme song for several of the teams this summer was "God of this City". It a song form the latest Passion album of the same title. If you are not familiar with the song, part of the chorus is "Greater things are yet to come; greater things are still to be done in this city". We believe that is true here in Alajuelita, however we would like to share just a few of the things that God accomplished through the mission teams over the past few weeks.

God used the mission teams to...

...remodel the house of two crack addicts. These guys have been addicted to crack and begging in the streets for over twelve years. They totally didn't deserve the love shown by the mission team from River City Church in Jacksonville, Florida. They came to repair the home and provide a clean, safe and secure place to sleep. The team also prayed and shared the gospel with them. Sadly, they are still addicted to crack, but I can see Jesus slowly breaking through. They have managed to keep their home clean and in good repair; and still ask me to thank the gringos God sent to help them every time they see me.

...purchase and build a home for Pastor Raphael and his family. Pastor Raphael, lives with his wife and two daughters in one of the most dangerous areas of Alajuelita. He is the pastor of a small church with big needs. God uses this church to reach some of the poorest of the poor, because of that the Pastor was living in a small shack of a house behind the church. Faithfully serving and never complaining. He never asked us for a house, but admitted that he had been praying for God to help in some way. That is when God sent a team from Wade Baptist Church in Mississippi, to purchase and build the house. We were told that it normally takes six weeks to construct the house. Well... God allowed this hard working team to do it in five days! God then sent a few teams to come and do some of the finishing touches.

...painted school. God sent s team from Celebration Church in Jacksonville, Florida to paint one of the local schools. They also taught English and were able to openly talk and teach about Jesus in the classrooms!

We could go on, and on, and on...and still leave something out. The point is that God is amazing and He is using His people to do amazing things, and for that we are eternally grateful.

Sowing Seeds

Wow what a summer! God continues to work in and through His ministry in mighty ways! He allowed us to host fifteen mission teams, over a fifteen week period. If you combine team members with individual participants the total is two hundred and forty-one people, from twenty-two different churches in five different states.

Please allow me to explain why those numbers are so exciting to us. It confirms to us that God is using His ministry to strengthen His church on a global level. He is using 6:8 Ministries to change lives, and in-turn strengthen churches back home.

We realize that we can't control what each individual will take away from their experience here; that is up to God, and God alone. However, we strive to place each team member in a position to live out the gospel of Jesus Christ in a tangible way. This summer provided a lot of opportunities for Him to plant a lot of seeds, that in time He will use to bring a lot of fruit; and for that we are incredibly excited and grateful. We are humbled by the fact that He would allow us to be part of His ministry. It's amazing that He can use the likes of us to accomplish anything, let alone things that have eternal value. To God be the glory for the great things He has done, is doing, and is expected to do!

In Christ,