Sunday, April 4, 2010

6:8 Ministries Update: 'The Refuge' Men's Shelter

We are excited to announce that "The Refugio", the new men's rehabilitation center is up and running. We have welcomed our first four residents. Their names are Thomas, Ali, Gerson, and Roymax.

Each of these men appear to have a genuine desire to change. However, we are not so naïve as to think desire alone is sufficient to bring true change. True life-change and rebirth can only be found in the gospel of Jesus Christ. Will-power, self-discipline, and self-confidence are feeble and ineffective in comparison to God's redemptive love. So that is what we are going to try to give them.

The plan is to shower these men with the love, support, and spiritual direction they need. The hope is that they come to truly know Christ, and He will break the life-stealing addictions in their lives. Mauricio (Chichi) is our local Costa Rican overseeing the project. He has already built a great relationship with each of these men. Brian and Amanda Blalock are the 6:8 Missionaries that are coming alongside Mauricio to provide direction, counsel, and support. Together this ministry team will provide daily devotionals, group prayer time, weekly church services, and ongoing accountability.(Click here to check out the Blalock's Blog)

The ministry team has decided to use the word "family" to describe the kind of environment and relationship they intend to have with these men. The intent is that these men will grow together to become a family. As they go through the process of rehabilitation the hope is that they will all become true brothers in Christ.

God is using Brian, Amanda, and Mauricio to produce much fruit. One night after the group bible study Thomas gave his life to Christ! Brian and Amanda led the study and Mauricio led Thomas through the prayer. Ali has found gainful employment as a taxi driver, which explains a lot about the taxis in Costa Rica. Trust me, if you have ever ridden in a taxi here you know what I'm talking about! Plus, Roymax and Thomas have upcoming job interviews! All the men are making progress in their sobriety, and are truly becoming brothers in Christ!

Please join us in celebrating what God is doing in and through 6:8 Ministries. I'm incredibly excited about the life-change God is bringing though this ministry. I also ask that you would pray for my new brothers Thomas, Ali, Gerson, and Roymax. Also, pray that God will continue to provide funding for "El Refugio" to stay in operation for years to come.

Love in Christ,