Wednesday, February 24, 2010

We Need You!! - 6:8 February Newsletter

We are expecting God to do amazing thing through 6:8 Ministries in the coming year. We currently have reservations to host 32 mission teams in Costa Rica. Through these mission teams many lives will be changed, and this community will continue to be transformed. So far these teams have committed to build eight new homes. There are also plans to build a playground, paint schools, run soccer camps, lead vacation Bible schools, and there is even talk of a team building a new skate park! It amazes me how God uses these mission teams to strengthen and expand His kingdom.

However, hosting short term mission teams is only part of what God is doing through 6:8 Ministries. We have several ongoing ministries that allow us to minister to the people of Costa Rica. We have a child sponsorship, and micro-businesses ministry, and last year God called us to help plant a church here in Alajuelita. The church is thriving and many lives are being transformed.

A few months ago God called us to start a feeding center in the church. This allows us to meet both physical and spiritual needs within the church body. Now we are planning to open a men's shelter to provide social and spiritual rehabilitation.

Bunks and Lockers

Amazingly, both of these new ministries are directed by local Costa Ricans. 6:8 Ministries is actively involved through providing resources, oversight, direction, and accountability. However, we believe it's best to allow locals to use their gifts to serve and grow in their faith. Furthermore, the local "church" needs to learn to rise to the challenge of ministering to local needs. We believe this to be the best model to have a lasting impact on the community.

So where do you fit into the picture? How can you help?

We need prayer and lots of it! Please try to remember to pray for 6:8 Ministries and the missionaries on the ground in Costa Rica. Pray that God will continue to use us to change-lives.

Furthermore, each of these ministries costs money, combined around $2,000 a month. Therefore, we are asking each of you to prayerfully consider giving financially to 6:8 Ministries. Your gift will allow us to continue to fund these ongoing ministries. (FYI - 100% of your gift will be used for ministry. None of our missionary staff are compensated in any way. We require each of our staff to raise 100% their own support.)

I'm guessing that about 750 people will open this email. If each person that opened this email would commit to give $3 a month we would have more than enough to fund both of these ministries! To break it down...for less cost than a trip to Starbucks you can be certain that these ministries will continue to change lives in Alajuelita.

Maria Abigail / Jose Antonio Update

I'm happy to announce that Maria Abigail and Jose Antonio have been moved into their new home. The family is busy getting settled.

A heartfelt thank you to all of you who made this move possible. This special family has endured more hardship than most of us could ever imagine. Now they are in a new home, close to a great school, and within walking distance of an awesome church!!!

Maria Abigail has started counseling and seems to be doing well. However, Maria's mother is struggling with night terrors and anxiety attacks.

The uncle that raped Maria is still in jail, but his temporary release is rapidly approaching.

Jose Antonio continues to improve physically and mentally. During my last visit Jose greeted me by running up to me, squeezing my leg and as clear as day said "Hola"! Not bad for a kid who doctors said would never walk or talk.

Praise God for the transforming power of prayer! God is doing amazing things in and
through this family. Please continue to lift them up in prayer.