Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Martha Project

This is a story about a woman, her two children, and an opportunity for you to change their lives forever!

I approached the small shack of a house in search of Martha. I was a little concerned because I hadn't seen her, or her two children for over a month. Molly and I had almost decided that she had moved away. I lightly knocked on the door, fearing the rickety structure might collapse if I knocked any harder.

I heard scuffling behind the door and soon the door opened. A broken shell of a woman emerged from the darkness. Was this Martha? Could this be the strong and bright woman that was always seemed to be smiling? I immediately wondered what had happened? I asked "How are you?", she looked away unwilling to look me in the eyes. I slowly placed my arm around her and asked her again..."How are you?". She immediately buried her face in my chest and started to cry. She explained that she didn't know what to do. She was tired, hungry, and afraid. Her neighbors neighborhood were threatening her and her children. They wanted her to leave, and were determined to make her life miserable until she did. Often times she was afraid for any of them to leave the house. She needed work, but didn't feel it was safe to leave her children home alone anymore. She was broken and could not find the strength to hope or dream for anything better.

Not really knowing what to say, I hugged her and explained that God loved her and so did I. She smiled at this and tried to dry her eyes. "You are the only ones." was her reply. We left with promises to return later with some food for her family.

Later as reflected on my encounter with Martha, it was if God was speaking to my heart. He was asking me "Spencer, Do you really love Martha? Do you love her like I do? Do you love her with more than words? What if this was your daughter, Alexis? What would you do then? Martha is my you love her like I do?" I felt challenged to do something...but what?

I had an idea...while there isn't much Molly and I can do alone, but what if God used all of us together? What if we all came together to help our sister in need. I'm praying that together we can raise $5,000 for Martha! Molly and I are going to start by giving the first $100. That leaves $4,900 for the rest of our 6:8 Ministries friends and family. If each person receiving this email gives an average of $15 we should meet this goal.

After all it is Christmas, the season of giving! Instead of giving someone something they don't really need...what if we all pulled together to give this family something they will never forget! We can give them hope, peace, joy and love! What if we did something radical to renew Martha's faith in Christ! What if we gave her Jesus for Christmas? Isn't that exactly what we are supposed to be celebrating?

Here's the thought, we use the $5,000 to rent Martha a house for a year, buy her children some food and clothing, and purchase a commercial grade sewing machine. This will allow her to set-up a micro-business out of her home making t-shirts and clothing! While $5,000 is a lot for one person, $15 isn't all that much. That's the beauty of the body of Christ working together.

Would you prayerfully consider making a donation to the Martha Project? It wouldn't take much, and together we can change a life. Can you imagine her testimony if we raise the funds to do this for her? In her darkest hour, the shining light of Christ came to her rescue! I know that is exactly what He did for me.
Love in Christ,


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Ramblings - Amazed!

I'm amazed, completely amazed! I don't think any other word could capture what I'm feeling right now...allow me explain why.

I went to visit and pray for Jose Antonio today. To my surprise he was walking! Not completely on his own, but he would hold my finger and walk around the room with me. He would let go, get his balance, and then grab hold again for another lap!

For those of you who don't know Jose Antonio's story, let me explain why this is so incredible.
Two years ago, when we were first introduced to Jose Antonio, he couldn't get out of bed. He was weak, emaciated, and very sick. His house was full of darkness and despair.

Jose Antonio was suffering due to complications at birth that left him both mentally and physically handicapped. The doctors said there wasn't much hope. Basically, resign to the idea that he will be lame and mute for life.

I started visiting and praying for Jose Antonio on a regular basis. I saw a little improvement, so I started taking the mission teams and local pastors down to pray for him with me.

Slowly, his health improved. He began to sit up, crawl, and play. The light of Christ had started to invade the home, and with it came an indescribable hope and love.

While the doctors were surprised with his improving health, they still didn't expect for him to get any better. They knew they couldn't help him, so they told his mother that there wasn't really any reason to bring him back for a year. Basically, go home and don't expect much improvement...see ya next year.

What they didn't know was that God wasn't finished with Jose Antonio. He wanted to show us all that we worship a God that can still make the lame walk and mute talk! Want proof...Jose is getting better, and he is WALKING, and there is no other explanation!

I can't explain the incredible joy I felt today as I watched Jose Antonio walking for the first time. Everyone laughed and smiled. There was so much hope and joy in the room. As you can imagine, his mother is thrilled! If you ask her, she will say that the prayers are the reason her son is walking!

In closing I want to thank all of you who have been praying for Jose Antonio. I also want to encourage you to's working! If you're not praying for him...please start. I hope for a day that Jose Antonio will walk and talk. A day that he will walk the earth, and tell the world of his amazing God that healed him.

Matthew 15:31
The people were amazed when they saw the mute speaking, the crippled made well, the lame walking and the blind seeing. And they praised the God of Israel.

Simply Amazed,