Wednesday, August 4, 2010


It all started last summer when a mission team came to Alajuelita to serve. Toward the end of the trip one of the young ladies on the mission team had her camera stolen. She had laid it down for a few minutes in the church they where they were working and it was gone! She was frustrated and I was incredibly disappointed and embarrassed.

I did some investigating and figured it was one of two people. I spoke with each of these people and asked them to come clean, return the camera, and ask the young lady for forgiveness. My petitions fell on deaf ears and nothing was resolved.

A year later this same young woman returned to serve. Toward the end of the trip she was approached by a young man, one of the two I had suspected. He was upset and asked if he could speak with her. He went on to confess that he was the one who had stolen her camera. He explained that a year ago he didn't know Jesus. He didn't feel bad and didn't think he needed to ask for forgiveness. However, in the past year he had grown to love Jesus and now he understands why he needs to ask for forgiveness. The young lady forgave the young man and it was a healing experience for both. Then the young man asked if he could some how pay restitution for the lost camera. The young woman simply replied "You are forgiven." While she had lost a camera, she had gained a brother.

The whole experience was a beautiful picture, and excellent reminder of the love and forgiveness found in the body of Christ.

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Elisa said...

Thanks for taking the time to tell uplifting stories like this!

I love to hear about how God is moving down there!