Thursday, November 4, 2010


Please read this update as we are in urgent need of your prayers and assistance.

Torrential rainfall over the past 72 hours has caused significant flooding and mudslides in and around our area. Last night tragedy struck as mudslides and swollen rivers claimed the lives of 20 people. There are a dozen people still missing and hundreds are left homeless. The rain continues, the ground is saturated, and some areas are being evacuated because the risk of further mudslides. Click here for News Articl
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The 6:8 staff families are safe and relatively unaffected. We are without water, and I've been told that it may be a week before it's on again. However, lack of running water seems trivial in comparison to what some of the families have lost.

A few of the families of Celebration Church Costa Rica have been directly effected. Melba's mother lost her house in a mudslide and other families have experienced minor flooding. We are still trying to asses the extent of the damage and who was effected.
Children being fed former water line

In the midst of all of this tragedy there is hope! We have been given an amazing opportunity to shine the light of Christ into the darkness created by catastrophe. Acts of love shine brightest in the midst of the darkness of despair.

6:8 Ministries and Celebration Church Costa Rica have already begun to take action. Today we helped the serve meals, carry and distribute water, and salvage items from the homes of effected families.

The plan is to focus on providing meals, clothing, and possibly shelter to meet the immediate needs. We also want to help rebuild and repair as many homes as possible.

There are three ways you can helps us help others:

* First - You can pray for the entire situation!

* Second - You can give! We need funding to purchase food, clothing, and building materials.

* Third - You can come help serve. Pray about bringing a mission team to help with the efforts.

Love in Christ,

Spencer Boulter

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